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Accept Infant to Preschool

Unique Kids Preschool, IncUnique Kids Preschool accepts infants from as young as 2 months old. While in our care we provide infants with the skills that serve as starting point for a lifetime of learning. Developing a baby’s physical, social, and cognitive abilities are our main mission. We want your child to receive the best preparation possible to make them succeed in their future, that’s why we provide certified caregivers who love to nurture and provide heartily care.

Our Infant Care Program Offers:

  • Nurturing, Personal Care That Builds Your Infant’s Self-esteem
  • Playtime Experiences That Boosts Their Cognitive Skills
  • Teacher-child Interaction That Spark Curiosity And Interaction
  • Age Appropriate Materials That Support Learning And Development
  • A Preschool Environment Where Your Infant Has The Freedom To Move And Explore

For your additional questions/information about our services, you may call us at 305-493-9625305-493-9625 or you can leave a message at our contact us page.