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Unique Kids Preschool, Inc

Dress Code

It is mandatory for all enrolled children to wear uniforms daily which can be purchased at Unique Kids Preschool or Ibiley’s uniform store. If you prefer to purchase the uniform elsewhere the color is a teal top or red top and navy blue bottoms (no jeans, no embellishments or sportswear). Uniform tops must have logo. Open toe sandals and flip-flops are dangerous and not advised. Keep a change of clothing at the school at all times and label all clothing with a permanent marker. No beads in hair for children under 3 years of age.


Jewelry should not be worn to school as it may be damaged or lost while the child is engaged in school activities. So please have your child wear their jewelry at home and not at school because we will not be responsible for lost / damaged jewelry.

Child Drop-Off And Pick-Up

The safety and security of your child is our foremost concern. At Unique Kids Preschool, we make an effort to get to know the parents and guardians of our students. When picking up your child, please do not be offended if we ask you for identification. Only authorized individuals who provide proof of identity will be allowed to pick up any child from Unique Kids Preschool. Phone authorizations are not permitted so all possible names of authorized persons must be recorded on the child’s pickup card.

Unique Kids Preschool, Inc

Pick-Up / Drop-Off Contact Form:

    Disclaimer: To use this form Unique Kids must have your current email on file and written documentation of the passcode used to authenticate authorization.



    Our preschool in Miami participates in the Child Care Food Program and serve meals each day to the enrolled children. The information requested on the application for free and reduced meals is necessary and must be filled out in its entirety so that we may receive reimbursement for meals served to your child. All meals served meet the meal patterns established by the U.S. department of Agriculture. If you wish not to disclose any or part of the information required you will then be responsible for bringing your child’s meals for the day or paying a daily fee of $3.00 or weekly fee of $12.00 so we may provide the necessary meals for him / her. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner and of these meals we will serve your child two of your choice and a snack.

    Hourly Clients: If your child will be attending during lunch/supper there is an additional $3 charge, if he / she will attend both there is an additional $4 charge.


    • Enrollment Application With Contract
    • DCF Health Examination And Immunization Form (Yellow and Blue)***
    • Diaper, Wipes, Ointment, Bibs Small Blanket (linens Returned To Parent Every Friday And Brought Back On Mondays)
    • Fitted Sheet For Infants
    • One Extra Change Of Clothes
    • Sippy Cups For Children Age 1 Year Old Only
    • If Your Child Is Not Potty Trained, Parents Have To Supply, Diapers, Wipes, Talcum Powder And Desitin, If Required
    • Copy Of Birth Certificate
    • Emergency Contact Card
    • VPK Certificate If Applicable

    Parents Please Label All Personal Items With A Permanent Marker